Back to the Future VHS tapes go up for auction at $75,000

Property of Tom Wilson, the actor who played Biff Tannen in the saga, the lot is made up of recordings offered by the production.

In 1985, the story of Marty McFly, a teenager who travels back in time in a deLorean DMC-12, shocked science fiction fans. Since Back to the future by Robert Zemeckis has become cult and the artefacts of the film are snapped up at auction. Heritage Auctions in Dallas, taking advantage of this wave of nostalgia, has just auctioned off one of the last memories of this time odyssey: a collection of VHS tapes, once owned by actor Tom Wilson, who played the ignoble Biff Tannen, was sold for the record sum of 75,000 dollars.

According to the CNN site, Tom Wilson’s lot is a real treasure for lovers of the futuristic trilogy since it includes the three parts of Back to the futurekept in a box, commented on and signed by the American actor who obviously had religiously kept the recordings of these three films which will remain as the greatest moments of his career as an actor.

With a nice dose of humor Tom Wilson explained why, after so many years, he decided to part with his precious cinematic relics: “This is a recording of Back to the future, sent to me by the studio at the time. It was the start of an era where you could watch a movie as many times as you wanted. Since I thought VHS support would last forever, I saved it for later, and now I can’t find a VCR“.

Joe Maddalena, Vice President of Heritage Auctions, welcomed this miraculous auction. He believes that she can announce other equally fruitful ones: “Cis an incredible success. I know there are other famous collectors of original VHS and I encourage them to offer them on the market“.


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