Azar app launches fun activities with live sessions, hosted by Tariq Al-Harbi

The leading global application of Azar in the field of social media in the region is set to host the Saudi TV presenter, comedian and social media star Tariq Al-Harbi in 6 live broadcast sessions during the month of December of this year.

The activity (live broadcast sessions) was created as part of a grand plan through which Azar hopes to build a distinctive character for digital applications in the Arab region by creating useful dialogues for the community.

This activity will start from December 8, 2021 at 4:00 pm according to the time of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first session and for the remaining five sessions at 9:00 pm until December 13, 2021 (for a week).

Tariq Al-Harbi will be joining Azar’s live broadcast sessions for an hour per session as he interacts with a huge audience in a very fun and entertaining way. In order for the live broadcast sessions to be more enjoyable, viewers will have the opportunity to attend and send gifts within the application, and Azar users will have a unique opportunity to communicate with Tariq Al-Harbi and have a conversation with him directly.

Azar is a video chatting application that was launched in 2014, and was developed by Hyperconnect, a Korea-based IT company. Hyperconnect has successfully developed many different services related to the field of video communication and artificial intelligence applications, Hyperconnect focuses on a vision aimed at liberating human beings from loneliness and enhancing ways of social interconnection. Azar launched its in-app live broadcasting service during this year (Azar Live), which allows users to attend or participate in live broadcasts as guests or hosts of other users.

Azar started providing its services to users around the world and today it has gained great popularity in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Turkey as well. It is worth noting that more than 90% of Azar’s revenue comes not only from Korea, but from all over the world.

visit Or search for buttons on google play store or itunes store to download the app and join the live broadcast sessions.


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