Autumn art shows in Pachute Park

The Bashot Center, located on the Taif-Abha Road, west of the Balkarn Governorate, witnessed the activities of the Autumn Festival of Visual Arts, which lasted for three days, in the model park of the Bashot Center, with the participation of a large number of photographers, photographers and calligraphers whose works and photographs were shown, as well as the videos, which required To be an expression of the fall season, and to be photographed by the participant himself, and a large number of visual art, digital, and photographic paintings were displayed, which were excelled in their formation, drawing and direction by the governorate’s artists, centers and participants from abroad.

Private museums

A number of the governorate’s museums and their private centers participated, including the Bashot Museum, owned by Saad Jaber Al-Olayani, the Balkarn Museum, the Al Salamah Museum, and others, and their exhibits varied between ancient and archaeological human heritage in the agricultural and war fields, as well as in the field of fashion, living and crafts.

Line and Reson

The festival allocated places for calligraphers’ performances, whether live performances or previously executed, which contained creativity, talents, beautiful and professional lines, as well as an exhibition of Rizen art.

Family Corridor

The festival also included the productive families’ exhibition corridor, which presented offers of popular foods from the region’s products as well as modern foods, hot and cold drinks, in addition to a corner of private toasters and mills, and a hospitality corner.

The festival visitors showed their joy and pleasure with what they saw of the artistic exhibits, and enjoyed the displays of heritage and productive families, expressing the importance of these museums in the developmental aspect of entertainment, economic and artistic.


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