Aude: the fire that ravaged 850 hectares is now contained

“We have 320 firefighters on watch on the edges that we will maintain as long as conditions require”, declared Monday July 26 the Departmental Operational Center of Fire and Rescue (Codis) of Aude. The biggest fire of the summer, which burned some 850 hectares in the mountain of Alaric, in the Aude, is now fixed. But the firefighters protect the area with the help of an important surveillance device.

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The fire broke out on Saturday July 24 around 11 a.m. on the central reservation of the A61 between the municipalities of Moux and Foncouverte, “Probably because of a cigarette butt”, indicate the firefighters who deplore since the beginning of the summer several starts of fire around this penetrating.

Very dry vegetation and wind around 40 km / h

From the start, the Aude firefighters, who had received reinforcements from several departments in the south of France, had to fight against the rapid spread of the fire while conditions were “Very unfavorable” with a wind around 40 km / h and very dry vegetation. Sunday July 25, they had to face no less than a dozen fire starts in the department.

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At the height of the fire, 900 people were activated on the ground, while seven Canadair, two water bombers and a Super Puma helicopter increased the rotations.

According to the Codis, “More than 1,500 hectares of vegetation have been preserved over the entire massif” and “About thirty houses” were protected from the flames thanks to the intervention of the firefighters. Only one house was partially burnt down in the Moux sector.

Power cuts to Spain and Portugal

This fire also had consequences on the Iberian Peninsula, since, in addition to power cuts around Perpignan and Biarritz, shutdowns also affected Spain and Portugal, after the temporary decommissioning of a very high line. voltage.

“We call for the vigilance of the population given (the) conditions which are extremely difficult”, urged Sunday the chief of staff of the prefect of Aude, Joëlle Gras.


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