At the Tokyo Olympics, more urban and feminine disciplines

► 49% of athletes are women

For the first time in history, there will be almost as many women as men in the Olympic Village. It’s better than London 2012 (44%) and Rio 2016 (46%). This result is partly due to the addition of fifteen mixed events in major disciplines, such as relays in athletics or swimming, mixed doubles in table tennis or mixed team events in judo and shooting.

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► Skateboarding and basketball 3 x 3 to conquer the rings

Directly derived from urban culture, these disciplines aim to attract audiences who are far removed from it to the Olympic world. For that, it was necessary to imagine competitive formats compatible with the requirements of television broadcasts. 3 x 3 basketball matches are played in ten minutes on a single basket and the skate-park appears in its two most popular forms: the street (sequence of figures in an area reproducing street furniture) and the park (aerial figures in a bowl).

► Surfing and climbing in the Olympic mold

We had to find a playground for surfers, it will finally be the site of Tsugari beach, about fifty kilometers from Tokyo. But the waves do not exceed two meters and in the event of dead calm, the period of the contest will be spread over four additional days. The presence of climbing is also the result of a compromise: the three usually distinct events (difficulty, bouldering and speed) have been merged into one, the combined. Usually specialized, climbers will have to do all three exercises.

► A little tour and then go for karate and baseball-softball

Already invited in the past, baseball (for men) and softball (variant reserved for women) have been invited due to their popularity in Japan. They will no longer be there in 2024, just like karate, which will make its only appearance in Tokyo.


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