At the police station: a year at the heart of the police

For a year, our special envoy spent one week per month in immersion with the police officers of Roubaix (North). In order to truly understand their profession. Telling the daily story: checks, paperwork, violence against women, discoveries of corpses, autopsies, deal points, hearings, rodeos …

What do you learn by getting on and off screen-printed vehicles, following auditions, spending time with jailers? That the police are not there to reduce crime but to contain it. By selecting it first, then processing what can be processed. Only, is it audible?

► “And there, right in front of the school, that’s the point of the deal”

The policeman always has the feeling of emptying the sea with a teaspoon, says a Roubaix officer, who pretends to wonder: “You can reorganize the police station, quadruple the staff… What will you get? “ The feeling of emptying it with a ladle.

→ At the police station, 1D part: first hearing, violence against women and escape attempt

► “This is my first autopsy”

According to clinical psychologist Éliane Theillaumas, who has long accompanied agents and their families, “Regular contact with death is always shattering for the psyche”. “Bursting. As if death had come to rob the heads of the police.

→ At the police station, 2e part: handcuffing, discovery of corpses and autopsy

► “The proc ‘wants a punch operation”

The hierarchy asks the police to multiply the “big operations” very visible on the deal points. Corn “judicially speaking, it’s work for nothing”, relieves a policeman.

→ At the police station, 3e part: hierarchy, psychiatric problems and ghost garages

► “The gentleman is going to do his first internship in prison”

The police officers are fully aware of the “little hands of drug trafficking”, that they regularly check on the deal points. The youngest escape, because of their age, from penal sanctions. Until they turn 18.

→ At the police station, 4e part: jails and kids

► “This kind of colleagues, you have to get them out”

The rare police officers who often question for insults and rebellions have a bad reputation at the police station. They are suspected of aggravating situations or trying to cover up violence.

→ At the police station, 5e party: the terrorist, the riot and the scoundrels

► “There, what we are asked to do is to check the facies”

“When we talk about controls, people immediately wonder if we are racist”, said a policeman from Roubaix, who regrets that we do not question more about the orders, received from the prefecture or the prosecution.

→ At the police station, 6e part: confrontation and facies checks

► “Residents report the start of a rodeo”

Officers are often asked to “Stop hunting on two-wheelers, to avoid accidents. While driving, police officers sometimes have the feeling of “To do figuration”. As on the deal points.

→ At the police station, 7e part: the rodeos and the point of deal

→ VIDEO. “The job of the police is not to reduce crime”


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