Assistant Minister of Transport: The Kingdom represents the largest market at the Arab level

The Assistant Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Arifi, participated in the meeting of the Industrial Fund to Empower the Private Sector, which was organized by the Industrial Fund, during which he reviewed the fund’s most prominent capabilities for the sectors of industry, mining, energy and logistics. The meeting also included the launch of the “Land and Logistic Loan” product; Which will contribute to achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

For his part, the Assistant, on behalf of the Minister of Transport and Logistics, confirmed that the Kingdom represents the largest market at the Arab level in terms of expenditure level and the largest in the Gulf in terms of population, which provides huge returns to the logistics sector, and the Kingdom enjoys a unique location that provides it with the ability to reach more than 6 Billions of consumers on three continents, giving it a huge strategic advantage in terms of logistics.

His Excellency added: The National Strategy for Transport and Logistics has set ambitious goals by 2030, including developing more than 60 logistic zones to support exports, e-commerce and re-export operations. Establishing 7 supportive logistic areas such as Halat Ammar (30 million tons), Al-Qurayyat (20 million tons) and Al-Batha (20 million tons) and others.

Al-Arifi added that the transport and logistics system will work in the coming period with the Industrial Fund to expand the scope of a land and logistic loan platform, to also include providing land for investment in the logistic sector from the General Authority of Ports, the General Authority of Civil Aviation and the Special Economic Zone next to Riyadh’s ILBZ airports.

He stressed that this expansion will be in addition to the great support provided by the Fund within the transport and logistics system, which will contribute to achieving one of the most important objectives of the logistics sector, especially since the national strategy for transport and logistics aims to make the Kingdom among the top 10 countries in the world in the logistic performance index. by 2030.

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