Asala is joking with her fans in English and Sabri praises the audience

On a night full of joy, the Syrian singer Asala Nasri and the Egyptian artist Ramy Sabry participated in the Jeddah audience, their most beautiful songs, in addition to the rising Saudi talent Ahmed Al-Adel.

The young artist Ahmed Al-Adel, in a lyrical link that he presented as part of the initiative to support emerging talents launched by the Entertainment Authority, attracted the audience, as he sang with his melodious voice and talent in playing the lute and sang a number of songs for a number of artists, such as the song “No Longing” by Abdul Majeed. Abdullah and the song “Wolhan” by Rashid Al-Majed and others.

high feeling

Then the audience received the artist Ramy Sabry with great enthusiasm and began his link by expressing his love for the Jeddah audience and thanking the entertainment authority and the organizing company Benchmark. The audience that the next song is “I’m Adriflak”, which greatly excited the audience.

original sound

After that, the artist Asala began her link after midnight and welcomed the audience, saying, “God cherishes our country…God cherishes Saudi Arabia.” Among the songs, including “I don’t know how to pronounce”, she then invited her audience to sing with her in the song “Do not be afraid of time.”

punishment in english

Her famous song, “Quba”, began in a different way than usual, as she joked with her audience at the beginning of the song.

The end is musk

Asala concluded the ceremony with the national song “Long Live Salman”, with the participation of the Saudi audience, and the artist expressed her happiness with the audience’s interaction with her, describing the ceremony as wonderful.


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