Army of the Dead: Step into a Dance of Death in Las Vegas

CINEMA – Zack Snyder’s new film promises an astonishingly exquisite corpse, halfway between the zombie flick and the heist story.

Las Vegas, Sin City. The “City of sin”. Its extravagant casinos, rows of slot machines and zombies by the thousands. Hard to argue with Army of the Dead (“Army of the Dead”), a title that has the merit of announcing the horrific coloring of Zack Snyder’s new film. Perhaps taken from the need to breathe after a decade spent pampering for Warner the superheroes of the DC team, the director of Man of steel, Batman v superman and Justice League signs with his gore fiction a macabre homecoming, more than fifteen years after his remake of Dawn of the dead by John Romero. The opportunity, for Netflix which will host Army of the Dead on May 21, to sign a beautiful exclusivity at a strategic time of reopening of theaters and a fierce struggle between the SVOD platforms.

Improbable association of a priori opposing genres, the film is as much about the fiction of burglary as it is about violent zombie carnage. To justify such a hook, Zack Snyder, who signs the screenplay, stages the streets of Las Vegas devastated by an infestation of the living dead. While a nuclear strike must wipe out the sealed city, a billionaire (Hiroyuki Tanaka) charges Scott (Dave Bautista), a former soldier converted into a burger cook, to assemble a team and urgently recover the $ 200 million that slumber in the overprotected safe of a casino. If for the silent mercenary, this new trip to hell is above all an opportunity to reconnect with his daughter (Ella Purnell), the reason for the adventure seems more to be the pretext for the guilty pleasure of a director in love with the series. of Ocean’s and of New York 1997 .

The different characters of the group will have to play elbows with the zombies before reaching the goal of their escapade. CLAY ENOS / NETFLIX 2021

A fine team for the end of a world

To carry out this perilous quest in flouze, no less than a dozen tasty characters share the colorful poster of the film, with on one side the muscles – very literal for some – of the operation and, on the other, the few travel specialists. Thus rub shoulders in the troop of infantrymen with adventurous and scowling looks (Omari Hardwick, Nora Arnezeder), a rider expert in safes (Matthias Schweighöfer), or an influencer ace of the trigger (Raúl Castillo). All this fine team will have to make their way to their destination through an incalculable swarm of zombies that the hyperbolic Xerxes of 300 . As in Zack Snyder’s fantasy peplum, the director’s new living dead are led by a handful of near-divine leaders, here the “Alphas”, creatures more formidable and sagacious – much more made up too – than the nameless multitudes who follow them. It remains to be seen whether, after a year of Covid, the story of a noxious epidemic raging in a metropolis cut off from the world will go straight to the heart of the zombie public or, on the contrary, will fall into the blind spot of the reopening of theaters. . Verdict next week.


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