Army of the Dead: Black Zombie of Melancholy on Netflix

CRITICAL – After Justice League, Zack Snyder returns to his first love with this entertaining and sepulchral action film.

A quarantine zone, a metropolis under a bell, an epidemic out of control and zealous agents, thermometer pointed at the forehead of suspects. Transposed in a Las Vegas abandoned to a zombie infestation, some familiar scenes fromArmy of the Dead impose an impression of Covidian déjà vu. Chance stops there. More exhilarating than a dismal epidemic essay, Netflix’s new Zack Snyder reunites the saturated tinsel of a heist film with the putrescent, grotesque horror of an undead tale.

This latest feature film from the director of 300 and of Justice League astonishes all in all less by its violence than by its unexpected darkness hidden under the cinematographic clichés. Hired to recover the jackpot from a Las Vegas casino, Scott (Dave Bautista) surrounds himself with a fine team to fight his way through the horde of undead infesting the city of vice before a missile nuclear power will wipe it off the map. Yes,

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