Aramco President: Expanding renewable energy investments and reducing carbon emissions

Saudi Aramco’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Engineer – Amin Hassan Al-Nasser emphasized the importance of investments being broad and balanced in the fields of renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and the economy based on recycling. In the presence of the world’s business leaders. The summit discussed the topics of “transformation in order to achieve inclusive growth,” and the business policies and practices necessary to achieve that goal. During his participation in a panel discussion entitled “Mobilizing Efforts to Save the Planet,” Eng. Al-Nasser presented a number of proposed solutions to address the challenges facing small and medium-sized enterprises around the world in line with the United Nations sustainable development goals, in addition to the role the energy sector plays in addressing the phenomenon of climate change. And related initiatives taken by Saudi Aramco.

Al-Nasser pointed out that, with the increase in their adoption of digital solutions, large companies can create new platforms to outsource more business to emerging, small and medium-sized companies, and investments must be large-scale and balanced, and target renewable energy, climate-related projects, the circular economy, and energy resources. Currently usable, as it will be part of the global energy mix for decades to come.

Engineer Al-Nasser stated that Aramco is working on 5 main areas to achieve emissions reduction, including reducing emissions from crude oil production and its uses, and enhancing oil uses in areas far from producing fuels, including converting crude oil into chemicals. The company works in the long term to produce “chemical” fuels from oil such as hydrogen and ammonia, in addition to clean fuels produced in refineries. He stressed that Aramco aims to become the world leader in adopting digital technologies in the energy field, and its strategic goal is to produce more energy. With less carbon emissions, calling for the expansion of adopting the concept of carbon recycling and applying it to the entire global economy by various means.

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