Aramco and China Building Materials launch a new center of excellence in non-metallic materials

Saudi Aramco and the Chinese Academy of Building Materials announced today the launch of the Center of Excellence and Innovation in Non-Metallic Materials (NEXCEL) with the aim of promoting the use of non-metallic materials in the building and construction sector, in the Chinese capital, Beijing, to benefit from the expertise and resources of the Chinese Academy in the development and application of non-metallic technologies that have superior advantages over metal alternatives. It saves costs, supports the durability and longevity of facilities, while at the same time tackling environmental challenges.

Senior Vice President of Technical Services at Saudi Aramco, Ahmed Al-Saadi, said on this occasion that Saudi Aramco has been developing and implementing non-metallic solutions within its own operations for more than 20 years because it provides superior cost in life, efficiency, in addition to its environmental advantages over its metal alternatives, and given Due to the advantages of non-metallic materials, we believe that the new Center of Excellence for non-metallic building materials will stimulate a wide range of new and important opportunities in this field.

For his part, Vice President of China National Building Materials Group, Zhan Yangjing, said: “I am honored to witness this historic strategic cooperation with Saudi Aramco, which is an important measure to try to build environmentally friendly and low-carbon solutions. An open and innovative environment, which helps the center to make greater contributions to global sustainable development.”

It is noteworthy that Saudi Aramco has benefited over two decades of its technological leadership to develop and adopt non-metallic solutions in the oil and gas business. The company is leading the development of a range of non-metallic solutions through global cooperation with prominent academic institutions, research and technology institutions, manufacturers and industry leaders such as the Chinese Academy of Building Materials.

The Center for Excellence and Innovation in Non-Metallic Materials will promote the development and application of non-metallic technologies by exploring opportunities for joint ventures in research and development, as well as standards development and certification, professional development and certification, as well as international networking. The center will also create a global cooperation platform to expand and accelerate the use of non-metallic materials to improve sustainability, contribute to the effort to reduce carbon emissions, and enhance the durability and life of facilities.

The new Center of Excellence joins two other centers launched by Saudi Aramco: the Nonferrous Materials Innovation Center (NIC) in collaboration with the Welding Institute (TWI) in Cambridge, UK, and the Center of Excellence for Nonmetallic Materials in the Construction Industry (NEx) at the American Concrete Institute (ACI) based in the American Concrete Institute (ACI). In Michigan, USA.


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