Application for intellectual property notifications

Al-Watan has learned that the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property intends to contract with an information technology company to implement the “Field Visits and Report Application System” project, which aims to establish: an integrated electronic system to perform the tasks of field inspection visits, in addition to establishing an electronic application that enables citizens and residents to raise Intellectual property infringement reports.

Inspectors distribution

This project comes as a continuation of the Authority’s efforts to raise the level of intellectual property rights in the Kingdom at all levels, whether at the level of individuals or companies and at the level of traditional and digital markets. It is a system that specializes in distributing inspectors to the cities and regions of the Kingdom and sets a special scheduling of tasks in electronic form for the inspectors to inspect markets and commercial establishments, and implement field visits to verify complaints or reports, in addition to the field visits required to implement decisions and visits to the mystery shopper. Through the system, reports of visits can be submitted. field, and an electronic application that enables citizens and residents to file reports of intellectual property violations related to commercial establishments, so that it is linked to the authority’s electronic systems.


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