“Apple” reduces the production of “iPhone 14” 3 million devices… 2022

Apple Inc said shipments of its latest iPhone will be lower than previously expected, after shutdowns in China affected operations at a supplier’s factory.

Despite Apple’s statement regarding the iPhone production problem, other reports have pointed to a problem in demand for models manufactured outside of Foxconn’s facility in China.

And “Bloomberg” agency reported, quoting sources, that “Apple” expects to lose about 3 million “iPhone 14” devices from production this year, indicating that the company and its suppliers now aim to make 87 million devices or less, compared to the goal of 90 million units in earlier time. The drop is primarily due to weak demand for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus models, which are cheaper alternatives to Apple’s flagship iPhone Pro, as well as supply problems in places like Zhengzhou, which is home to the iPhone assembly site. It is subject to a week-long closure due to “Covid-19”.

This comes as sales of the iPhone 14 and Plus have slowed rapidly since their launch, and the slowdown is increasing in China, according to an analysis by investment bank Jefferies, the world’s largest smartphone market, while Bloomberg reported that Apple had previously canceled plans to increase production. Its new iPhones this year after the expected increase in demand failed in reality.

However, Apple reported that demand for its iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max devices remains strong, although production of these phones will be halted due to the closure in Zhengzhou.

For their part, SMBC Nikko analysts, led by Rusuke Katsura, lowered their overall forecast for Apple production in 2022 to 85 million new iPhones from 91 million units. Their revised forecast actually increases the expected production of the iPhone Pro models, but reduces the standard versions by a larger margin.

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