Apple plans to launch a platform for classical music

Apple has announced the purchase of the Primophone platform, which specializes in classical music, and will launch next year an application dedicated to this music style, in a first-of-its-kind move for the company whose music offerings were limited to the Apple Music service.

Apple declined to answer AFP’s questions about the cost of acquiring Primophone.

The Dutch-American platform PrimeFonic, launched in 2018, seeks to offer an alternative to the major online music streaming services, offering much better sound quality and a broader and more laid-back collection of classics.

Thomas Stevens, the company’s general manager and one of its founders, did not hide one day his hope to see one of the sector’s giants buy his platform.

As of Monday, the group will not accept new subscribers and will stop operating temporarily on September 7, according to the statement issued on Monday. Primophone subscribers will be offered a free six-month subscription to Apple Music, pending the launch of Apple’s classical music platform in 2022.

The American group revealed to AFP that this new service will be offered at a price of $ 9.99 a month, compared to $14.99 a month for “Primophonic” at present.

And Oliver Chaucer, vice president of Apple Music and Beats, pledged in the statement, “to provide a service dedicated to classical music that will truly be the best in the world.”

Pramophonic is not the only service specializing in classical music by streaming. Since 2015, the German “Idagio” has dominated the sector, and it has been downloaded 1.8 million times, according to Techcrunch, a website that specializes in this regard.

Idagio offers a free, ad-free, searchless, and paid service, priced at $9.9 a month.

Apple no longer discloses the number of subscribers to Apple Music since June 2019 when it announced that it had crossed the threshold of 60 million users who pay subscriptions.

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