“Apple” may release a small model of its new “5G” phone

Amidst increasing speculation about the date of launching the new iPhone by the American tech giant “Apple”, the global investment bank “Deutsche Bank” expected in a recent research note that the company would launch a small-sized model of the new phone, which is expected to work with the fifth generation technology. .

In the note, excerpts of which were published by Market Watch, the bank stated that the new phone, which will work with the fifth generation technology, may not be similar to any of the previous models of sizes that the company offered for iPhones.

The right time to monitor activity

It is expected that “Apple” will launch the new version of the phone “iPhone 12” through two different launches. The first is the standard version, which will come in two different sizes of 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches, and another launch for the iPhone12 Pro, which will have a screen size of about 6.1 inches. And the iPhone Pro Max, which will have a screen size of 6.7 inches.

The last change in phone sizes by Apple was in the iPhone 6, as the company at that time began issuing two different phone sizes, one of which was 4.7 inches and the other was 5.5 inches for the larger phone.

The bank added, “This step will have a positive impact on increasing the consumer base of the company. A wide spectrum of consumers may prefer to switch to small iPhones instead of the phones they use, which means entering a new class of consumers for Apple.”

The bank added, “From our point of view, the demand for large-sized phones will continue to increase with the increase in consumption rates for video games and social media, but Apple’s introduction of a small-sized phone will ensure the entry of a new class of consumers who prefer using small phones.”

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