Apple fined $ 2 million

The Consumer Protection Authority in Brazil fined the US company “Apple” two million dollars, due to one of its new policies that it adheres to and insists on.

According to MacRoomers and Tilt, the Brazilian agency, Apple, has fined about $ 1.92 million for removing the chargers from iPhone 12 phone cases, considering the US company’s move a violation of the country’s consumer protection law, according to the watchdog.

Brazil’s Consumer Protection Agency warned the company about its aforementioned violation in December, but responded to it that removing power chargers from phone cases would reduce carbon dioxide emissions and rare earth mining. She also explained to the agency that there are many of its customers already have additional chargers, but the authority did not accept the company’s justifications when signing the $ 2 million fine on it, and told its CEO, Fernando Kibes, that it needed to respect Brazilian law.

The fine was also imposed on “Apple” because of its refusal to repair phones that were damaged by water under the warranty, despite its promotion of the ability of its devices to continue working for a long time after they were damaged.


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