Apple exempts its users from the forced update in its new version

Apple has decided to change its way of updating its latest version of iOS 15, as this is the first time that it allows users to choose, so users can remain on iOS 14 instead of forcibly upgrading to iOS 15, as was the case in the past.

But if you choose to stay on iOS 14 instead of switching to iOS 15, Apple will only send security updates, and Apple is expected to use this method for upcoming updates with all devices as well, rather than making the device not get updates completely.

Security update

And Apple started several years ago updating old phones with security updates only, so the new system works in a similar way, and the company could allow users to stay on iOS 15 as well next year, as iPhone 6s stops getting upcoming updates.

The company has not yet announced a similar system for Mac or iPad computers, because staying on the old system is more difficult for them,

These devices work in different ways due to different components, and this is what makes the company very limited in the field of updates and system improvements to them.

Some may prefer to stay on iOS 14 for better stability or because of its support for jailbreaking, as it allows users to get features that are not supported by Apple.

Update features

And Apple introduced a new set of features in iOS 15, and these features vary between different aspects of the phone,

One of the most important updates provided by Apple is the availability of the Facetime application for use on Android phones, and the Facetime application is the official video calling application from Apple, which was exclusive to iPhone phones and Apple devices in the past.

It has high call quality, and this makes it one of the best video chatting and meeting applications in general.

This is in addition to a host of updates to the maps and the Safari browser as well.


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