Apple: Epic’s Fortnite suit is a ploy to interest the game

Apple has filed a description of its strained relations with Fortnite’s developer Epic Games to the US District Court in California, where the two companies will begin a trial next month. In its file, the tech giant argues that after having made more than $ 700 million in the past two years since Fortnite was published on the iPhone app store, Epic has put together a plan to do more – and at its expense. And Apple says Epic’s Fortnite suit is Marketing ploy To revive weak interest in the game.

To be noticed

Describing the events, Apple outlined a media strategy called Project Liberty which Epic allegedly planned with its attorney and PR company for several months in an effort to draw more attention to Fortnite last year. Last summer, Epic intentionally violated Apple’s App Store policies that insist on all digital products such as Fortnite Victory Modes, dance moves, and new character appearances through Apple’s payment processing service. The company then removed Fortnite from the app store for violating the rules. Epic responded by filing a lawsuit in August and launching an ad campaign that spread on social media.

Stifle innovation

Apple said in its file on Thursday: “Epic only wants to benefit from Apple’s innovation for free,” saying that Epic is using the lawsuit “to revive weak interest in Fortnite.”

An Epic spokeswoman declined to comment on the lawsuit but indicated that the company has argued for fewer restrictions on the Apple App Store since at least 2017.

In a competitor’s file, Epic repeated its previous arguments that Apple’s App Store rules stifle innovation and that its commissions drive higher prices for consumers.

And for many people, the lawsuits are the latest development in a corporate slap fight between a billion-dollar corporation and a trillion-dollar company over who earns more money when a player spends money. But for Apple, this represents an existential threat to the iOS software and tools built around the iPhone, one of its best-selling tech products of all time.


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