Apple allows external payment methods to save its store

Apple will allow mobile app developers to offer their customers non-App Store payment methods, in a radical change for the US tech giant, which is facing increasing pressure from the authorities and multiple companies over its approach to competition.

The California-based group announced this in a statement of a series of changes to the rules adopted in its main app store. The changes must still be approved by a court in order to end prosecutions by small app developers against the tech giant.

Apple explained that this agreement allows developers to offer offers to users outside of their applications on iOS, the company’s approved operating system.

Under these new measures, apps can send an email to users letting them know, for example, that they can get a subscription through its website. In this case, the preparer does not pay a fee to Apple.

Streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix have been avoiding royalties to Apple while reluctant to offer subscriptions via the app. But she was unable to direct users to her website.

Along with the paid offers, a message appeared on the Spotify app saying, “You cannot subscribe to the Premium service through the app. It is no secret to us that the situation is not ideal.”

Users were not intentionally flocking to online platforms to subscribe to popular services such as Spotify and Netflix, but this was not necessarily the case for narrower applications.

The agreement also provides for a greater margin for developers to set their software prices, subscriptions and purchases in the context of their applications.

Apple plans to create a fund to help small US app producers who earn less than $1 million a year for all of their US apps.


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