Anti-Semitic health pass inscriptions discovered in Géret

Registrations “Inadmissible in a democracy”. Several tags targeting anti-Covid vaccination and the health pass, including “Several of an anti-Semitic nature” and others in reference to Nazism, were discovered Friday on the walls of several symbolic places of the Creuse, announced Saturday at the end of the day the prefecture.

The same day, parades against the health pass took place in 222 French cities, bringing together 160,000 people according to the Ministry of the Interior, a mobilization down compared to the previous weekend.

In a statement, the prefecture of Creuse condemned “With the greatest firmness the inscription of numerous threats, including several of an anti-Semitic nature”, which also targeted the MGEN health establishment in Sainte-Feyre practicing vaccination.

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A judicial investigation was opened to identify the person or persons responsible for these registrations traced during the night of Thursday to Friday. According to a prefectural source joined by AFP, the term of “Criminals” was drawn in red letters on the facade of the prefecture, with these threats: “We are the 10 million, we take care of you”.

The facade of the departmental council was also targeted with a tag proclaiming, “Stop, nazzitaire pass (sic)”, a double letter seeming to imitate the initials SS of the Nazis, reported the public prosecutor of Guéret Bruno Sauvage, contacted by AFP.

Targeted health establishment, media and café

According to the same source, other tags qualified the MGEN health establishment as “Sorossian center for deferred euthanasia”, a reference ” Claire “ according to the prefecture to Georges Soros, the American billionaire of Jewish origin born in Hungary, who has become a scapegoat in the conspiratorial and anti-Semitic spheres. “You will pay for your crimes”, threatened another tag.

In Guéret, the front of France3 Limousin television was also tagged with “Lying media” and an ad covered by the term “Collaborators” probably linked to the application of the health pass.

These inscriptions “Constitute an attack on the State services and the health personnel who organize the vaccination campaign, but also on the Jewish community”, deplores the prefecture.

“These intolerable actions must in no way mask the very strong support of the Creusoises and Creusois in the vaccination campaign (…) The determination of the State services is intact and will not waver in the face of obscurantism and the anti-Semitism “, she emphasizes.


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