Anti-health pass protesters interrupt a preview of Xavier Beauvois’ next film

“We are doing this for you”, the demonstrators would have declared during a screening of the film in Caen. Furniture has been degraded and employees jostled.

The Saturday cinema session turned into a tour de force. In Caen, the preview screening of the next film by French director Xavier Beauvois, Albatross, took an unexpected turn, late Saturday afternoon, when anti-vaccine demonstrators forced the doors of the Pathé room on the Rives de l’Orne. Despite the looting and ransacking of part of the entrance hall of the cinema, no serious injuries were to be deplored at the end of the accident.

On tour in Normandy to promote the release, in the fall, of his new film, Xavier Beauvois saw his presentation interrupted by a group of people who forced their way inside the cinema, shortly after 5 p.m., triggering the establishment fire alarm. Contained in the main hall, the demonstrators – around 200 according to West France – violated the employees of the Pathé room, degraded the furniture and stole sweets, loudly declaring their opposition to the health pass, essential since August 9 to access cinema sessions. “They were in the hall where we managed to contain them, said the director of the room for the regional daily. They were screaming, they ended up setting off the fire alarm. ”

Xavier Beauvois furious

“Anti-vaccines invaded the Pathé de Caen during my preview, physically molesting the staff and saying ‘we’re doing this for you'”, testified Xavier Beauvois on his Twitter account, Saturday evening, before strongly criticizing the aggression of the demonstrators. Fuck yourself … Covid collaborators, you are crummy, bastards, shit. Fortunately there were cameras and that we can prosecute these morons. ” According to the program for the Caen premiere, the director was to be accompanied on Saturday by part of his team – Marie-Julie Maille, Victor Belmondo, Geoffroy Sery, Laurent Macé, Olivier Pequery and Aurélien Lafosse – to lead a debate with the audience after the screening of his Albatross.

Evacuated from the theaters during the accident, the spectators were able to return to their seats and continue their sessions once the situation calmed down and the demonstrators dispersed, around 6 p.m. This violent intrusion came at the end of a new day of mobilization against the health pass which brought together some 121,000 people across the country, including 19,000 in Paris according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior. In Caen, the procession would have mobilized around a thousand demonstrators.

Next feature film by the director, crowned in 2011 with a César for best film for men and gods , Albatross recounts the torments of a brigade commander of the gendarmerie of Étretat (Jérémie Renier) whose life changes after failing to save a farmer who threatened to commit suicide. Expected for November 3, the film is currently presented in preview in a selection of Norman theaters, in the region where it was filmed.


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