Anthony Delon dedicates a documentary to the last days of his mother, Nathalie Delon

Alain Delon’s eldest son is finalizing the editing of a documentary devoted to the unforgettable Jane Lagrange of the Samurai de Melville died on January 21, 2021, at age 79, of pancreatic cancer.

Her friends nicknamed her “Skill», (the gifted) and her son said of her «that she was a lioness in the body of a sparrow“. Nathalie Delon left us almost a year ago, on January 21, 2021. And today, actor Anthony Delon has just revealed to our colleagues from Pocket TV that he was finalizing a documentary made in homage to the one who gave him life and who will remain for film lovers the sublime and cunning mistress of Alain Delon, alias the hitman Jeff Costello, in the Samurai by Jean-Pierre Melville.

Anthony Delon, who felt as much admiration as affection for the author of his days, explained why this documentary had such great importance in his eyes. “I filmed the last thirty-seven days of my mother. There is nothing indecent or disturbing. It is not a question of showing the process of the disease but of showing her, and how she lived it. I should start editing in January, it won’t be easy but it’s an important testimony for all of us, for my daughters, for me, for her friends, for those who loved her.” he confides to our colleagues.

Nathalie Delon saw the beginnings of this documentary film before leaving. And Alain Delon, in his last public appearance, before his presence at the funeral of his friend Jean-Paul Belmondo, said: “She was very happy about it.

A loving grandma

Anthony Delon was very touched by the death of this mother who saw maternal love as a “rebelIn his own words. Tossed about as a child between his hands and those of Loulou, his nanny, he will be grateful to his mother for having transformed herself over time into a loving grandma for her own children: “She was still pretty rock’n’roll and was a better grandmother than mother. My daughters Lou and Liv loved it. “

Ignoring his natural modesty and his grief, Anthony Delon let his emotion show when his parents saw each other for the last time on January 2, 2021. I took pictures of them, then my daughter took the three of us. They parted as if they were going to see each other againHe remembers. The weight of absence is still present but with this film, the son of “Skill” and “Samurai»Will be able to pay his indomitable mother the most beautiful tribute.

While waiting to discover this film so intimate, we will discover this Saturday January 15 Anthony Delon in the clothes of a priest, an exorciser to be precise, in Murder at Mont-Saint-Michel on France 3. Another way to stay in confession…

Nathalie Delon talks about her role in the Samurai by Jean-Pierre Melville


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