Anthony Daniels: “I would love to play C-3PO in The Mandalorian series”

In 1978, George Lucas was persuaded to accept the production of an episode of Star wars aired specially for Christmas on CBS television. This disastrous experiment carried out by Steve Binder (distributed in France under the title In the days of Star Wars) subsequently became a sort of cult TV movie, cheerfully old-fashioned, catastrophically funny, and which still circulates on the Web. Some fans idolize it as a burst of old-fashioned humor and improvisation.

The original logo of Star Wars Holiday special, aired in 1978 for the Christmas holidays on CBS. 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved

It is in this somewhat irreverent and gently rowdy spirit that the artisans of the children’s franchise Lego Star Wars have decided to shoot this schoolboy sequel, both seen as a pastiche of the original, but above all as the pretext for a wacky and funny medium-length film, which will delight children (and older children) when the Christmas and New Year.

At 74 Spring, comedian Anthony Daniels once again responded to C3-PO’s call that he doubles in this film Lego Star Wars with great joy and enthusiasm. While his book of memoirs has just been published in France I Am C-3PO Memories don’t fade (from Fantask editions) He answers the Figaro’s questions on the occasion of the broadcast of this film on Disney + since November 16.

LE FIGARO. – Do you believe that the golden robot of Star wars C3-PO will remain in the history of cinema with the original robot image from which it is inspired in the film Metropolis by Fritz Lang?

Anthony DANIELS – Yes. I sincerely believe it. Because like Eva, the android of Metropolis, C-3PO has become an iconic character. During the shooting of the first film, heading towards the set to shoot my scene, I remember that I used to say to the crew: “Be careful, get out of my way! Let the icon pass. “ Of course, people were laughing. However, after 43 years, I think C-3PO has become an icon. This character will survive me. He will outlive us all. Because today, on the Web and on social networks, his image exists as much as that of the robot Metropolis. I’m very proud of him because I have a lot of respect for him.

Given the great success of the spinoff series from Star wars The Mandalorian . Would you like to see C-3PO make an appearance in one of the episodes?

I would love to see C-3PO in The Mandalorian. I stand ready. I wisely wait for my phone to ring. I find that the series The Mandalorian got off to a great start thanks to its new technological approach and innovative style. As for my potential participation in the next developments of the saga Star wars, yes, discussions are underway. But I can’t tell you more at the moment. The sequel to the trilogy that we have just finished, and which ended with episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, is in its infancy.

I have built my whole career wearing a mask… And I did not die of it. So I would like people to realize that wearing a mask can save lives!

Anthony Daniels

What positive things do you have to say about your involvement in the very first Star Wars Holiday special, shot in 1978?

Well, I got paid! (Laughs). Let’s say that this show gave fans something to talk about anyway. To be honest, the shooting was appalling. We were playing in front of black curtains, so much so that we had the feeling of attending a funeral. But frankly, in hindsight, being with Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford has always been a pleasure for me. Honestly if you watch this movie until the end on YouTube you will notice that in the last moments we are all huddled together … Kind of like we are on a lifeboat! In short, we all had the feeling that this TV movie was a shipwreck …

In Lego Star Wars, anything is possible, even the most incredible intrigues: here the Harrison Ford of Episode VII meets that of the first films. 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved

What made you decide to agree to dub your C3-PO character in this new movie? Lego Star Wars ?

The new part is more ambitious than the original which it mocks … but to which it also pays homage. Be in a movie Lego Star Wars, it allows you to travel back in time with the intrepid Rey. The film encompasses the entire saga in 40 minutes. Even Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian make an appearance … in essence, a movie Lego Star Wars is funny, fun. And besides, how do you want to take yourself seriously when you are represented by a figurine ?! (Laughs).

Anthony Daniels: “How seriously do you want to take yourself when you are represented by a figure ?! “ 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved

These films are designed both for children and for the parents who accompany them. They are always a little irreverent. This Lego Star Wars Holiday Special allowed my character to live strange adventures, to meet people that one does not meet in normal times … For all those who have young children who have not yet discovered Star wars, this kind of film is an excellent introduction. And then I think right now people need to have fun. God knows that as the Christmas holidays approach, we need to get away from our daily lives in this pandemic period …

Movies Lego Star Wars are designed for both children and accompanying parents. They are always funny and irreverent. 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved

What does this terrible time of Covid inspire you?

Well, I’ve built my entire career wearing a mask… And I’m not dead of it. So I would like people to realize that wearing a mask can save lives!


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