Another World, The Power and Piccolo Corpo… Films to see or avoid this week

A French social drama, a British and feminist horror film, an Italian-style maternal odyssey. What to see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

Another world – To have

Drama by Stéphane Brizé, 1h36

Social plan, we say like that. Translation: 58 people need to be fired. The person in charge of the site does not solve it. Surely there is another solution. With Another world, Stéphane Brizé completes his work trilogy. After the unemployed and the trade unionist (The law of the market and In war ), here is the frame at the end of the roll. The film is less documentary than the two previous ones. Fiction brings its share of intimacy. Sandrine Kiberlain is this wife devastated by fatigue and loneliness. Lindon evokes the Montand of Vincent, François, Paul and the others… Stéphane Brizé continues to make his way between Sautet and Ken Loach. He plunges his camera into the flaws of our world, does not deny himself a vague hope. The opening credits are displayed on a panorama of family photos on the walls of the house. They were smiling. They were happy. But that was before. IN

The True Family – To have

Drama by Fabien Gorgeart, 1h42

After Diane has the shoulders, in 2017, the director continues to explore the family unit. It depicts a 6-year-old boy placed in a foster family at 18 months, but who will have to leave Anna, his surrogate mother (Mélanie Thierry, incandescent) to live with his biological father (Félix Moati). If she first deceives her, Anna can’t stand this heartbreaking separation. Social services had warned her:Love this child, but don’t love him too much.The pain is on both sides. Gorgeart, who tells a bit of the story of her family, modestly films the excesses of a “wolf mother” overwhelmed by her role. Tense, warm, treated like a thriller when Anna refuses to part with the child, the film hits the mark, without ever bordering on melodrama. OD

The Power – You can see

Fantasy thriller by Corinna Faith, 1h33

The plot of this feminist horror film begins in London’s East End in January 1974. As unions and government tussle in the midst of an economic crisis, and power cuts regularly plunge the country in the dark several nights a week, Val (Rose Williams, all in delicacy and determination with her false airs of Alicia Vikander) integrates the hospital for her first day of work. Corinna Faith knows how to distil a minimalist horror as one prepares tea. It also reveals a very interesting cast, highlighting the emergence of a new generation of talented British actors. By Jove! What a shock! OD

piccolo corpo – You can see

Historical drama by Laura Samani, 1h29

A ceremony takes ragged women into the water, to the rhythm of raspy chants in honor of the Virgin. In the middle of them is a pregnant woman. Nothing is known of Agata except that she is beautiful, her face barred by black eyebrows. Later, her child dies without having had time to breathe. Not baptized, then. Limbo awaits him for eternity. Played by Celeste Cescutti (a first name that would have suited the character nicely), Agata doesn’t believe it, pulls up her long homespun skirt and climbs the mountain. If Agata’s journey is fascinating, the arrival at the destination is perplexing. It lacks a bit of mystery, of this oddity that runs through the whole film and that we hoped would shine at the end. No matter, a filmmaker was born. Let’s also note this pleasing thing: it can’t get more depressing in the future… BP

Uncharted – To avoid

Adventure film by Ruben Fleischer, 1 h 50

Tom Holland plays an unhappy orphan who crosses paths with Mark Wahlberg, a clever and daredevil master craftsman. They go in search of the treasure of the Conquistadors. An evil billionaire, the fortiche Antonio Banderas, wants to double them. Holland does not let go of his nice smile, Wahlberg rolls mechanics without believing it too much. Inspired by a video game franchise, this $120 million movie could be the start of a new saga. Next mission: find a scenario. BP

After Blue – To avoid

Science fiction film by Bertrand Mandico, 2 h 07

In the distant future, on a planet where only women have survived, a young girl and her mother track down a criminal. After The Wild BoysBertrand Mandico draws his inspiration from the science fiction of the 1970s. Kitsch sets, appalling acting, ridiculous dialogues… Yesterday’s avant-garde is today’s rear-guard. ES


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