Another investigation by a registered nurse practitioner

The Ministry of Health asked the person whose registration was registered, Salma Al-Saud, to file another summons due to the delay in the treatment, noting that the transaction was not answered by the General Directorate of Health Affairs in Jeddah Governorate, and it was saved in the archive on a recent date of 21-3-2021 without a response or Notifying her of the grievance that she was exposed to and knowing the details of the response about this complaint, as it was only indicated that the procedures of the transaction had been completed, which prompted the Ministry’s headquarters in Riyadh to ask her to file another grievance.

The continuation of the transaction

Al-Saud indicated that the continuation of the treatment in Jeddah’s health, and looking from one angle is the reason for delaying it and not responding to the grievance that I was subjected to, stressing that “it asked the legal affairs in the Ministry of Health to consider and follow up the complaint, and to know all the parties that caused my transfer, without being completed. I was informed for a period of six years, provided that an expanded investigation is opened by the Ministry, so Jeddah Health is looking from another side completely different from the basis of the problem, which caused my transfer and direct me to a health center affiliated to Rabigh Governorate, which is contrary to what was agreed upon that I work in a hospital In Jeddah Governorate.

It is noteworthy that the Department of Communication, Relations and Awareness of Jeddah’s Health has responded in advance to “Al-Watan” that the regulatory procedures followed in such cases have been taken, and as a result of which their restrictions have been terminated.

Case details

Salma Al-Saud, whose enrollment was terminated, explained that she worked in Riyadh Health for 17 years, beginning with a nursing technician, up to a nursing specialist, after she obtained a bachelor’s degree from Shaqra University, indicating that after they asked her to go to Jeddah, under the pretext that her data was transferred by mistake. To Jeddah Health, and that it has been among their employees for 6 years, and in order not to stop promotions and the annual bonus, I went there on the condition that work be in one of the governorate’s hospitals, specifically east of Jeddah, which was agreed upon in advance, except that when I went to them I found the directive To the Al-Jouba Center in Rabigh, which did not correspond to her private and family circumstances, so she contacted them, and asked them to transfer her to any hospital in Jeddah, but they did not respond to her, and her circumstances were not taken into account, which prompted her to file a letter of refusal in Jeddah’s health, because she did not She begins her new job, which allows her to return to Riyadh’s health, because the transfer was due to an error in the system, and not from her desire or prior request.

– Its data was transferred to Jeddah Health Authority 6 years ago through a technical error.

– I was transferred internally from Al-Suwaidi Health Center to Shubra, Riyadh.

– The director of the Shubra Health Center was informed that its information is on the owners of Jeddah Health.

– An employee of Jeddah Health was contacted, either direct or stop her salaries.

– The manager of Shubra sent the annual evaluation, but it was rejected by Jeddah Health.

I agreed to go to be in health affairs in Jeddah.

– She was called to go to East Jeddah Hospital.

– The Director of Transport in Jeddah Health stated that its decision is an assignment and not a transfer.

The commissioning department directed her to work in the Al-Jouba Health Center in Rabigh.

I went to the commissioning director with a request to return to Riyadh or work in Jeddah hospitals.

– It was rejected, and accordingly, the request for withdrawal and return to the workplace in Riyadh was raised.

During work, she was transferred to Adham Hospital, and then to Al-Badaa Hospital.

– The employee went to the Ministry in Riyadh, in order for the legal affairs to consider the matter.

– The Ministry of Health asked Salma to raise another summons due to delaying the treatment.


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