Announcement of the award-winning entities in the efficiency of spending

The Spending Efficiency Center announced the government agencies that won the Practical and Institutional Excellence Award. The semi-annual spending efficiency for the second phase, and it consists of two parts, the first is the general evaluation, and the second is the creative opportunities. Practical. The Institutional Excellence Award focuses on advancement in the Racks Sustainability Efficiency Spending Program, and aims to raise readiness to achieve self-efficacy and sustainable spending in accordance with international and local best practices without affecting the quality of services provided. The Supreme Judicial Council, the Ministry of Interior, Taibah University, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Saudi Post Corporation won the prize for practical excellence in general evaluation, while King Saud University won practical excellence awards for creating creative opportunities through the management of near-expiration drug stocks and medical services for the armed forces. Through the initiative to improve patient flow in armed forces hospitals, and the Eastern Region Development Authority through cooperation with universities in the Eastern Region for the project to study water, life and environment quality in Khobar Governorate, and the General Directorate of Border Guards by using renewable energy to supply remote border centers with electricity. The Ministry of Health ranked first in the Spending Efficiency Sustainability Pillars Program, the Ministry of Transport ranked second, the General Intelligence Presidency ranked third, the Ministry of Education ranked fourth, and the Ministry of Finance ranked fifth, and Taif University was distinguished in the leadership and strategic pillar of the Sustainability Efficiency Pillars Program. .

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