Animation and manga films are obsessed with adults

Several years ago, animated series and movies were associated with a specific age group and did not carry any adult classifications, unlike what is happening today in terms of fierce competition between production companies.

Diversity of classifications

Critics believe Ahmed Al-Abdali that anime and manga films share the diversity of their classifications, targeting different age groups and tastes, but the manga in particular was designed specifically for adults in the original with the aim of creating a new type of art based on fictional characters and proposing bold stories, and then the production image developed to be produced Two types of animation with the goal of staying the same pace of constant competition.

He added that production companies began to classify animated films according to the age group at the beginning of the screening of the film, so they are not considered exclusive to children.

Professional studies

Art critic Yusri Bilal stated that animation has become the focus of attention today for adults and children for several reasons, the most important of which is that this type of art is based on professional studies conducted in institutes and universities specializing in vocal performance, writing stories, directing methods and photography in an innovative and creative way, in addition to the adoption of production companies The huge marketing tricks that attract different groups, and create stories that simulate imagination and reality in a professional way, indicating that animation is subject to highly professional programs that cannot be used in filming ordinary films.

Manga and anime movies

Disney is no longer the largest acquirer in the production of animated films suitable for adults, but there is a great competition that emerged from the land of Japan through the Ghibli Studios, which were established since 1985, which are professional studios based on the production of animation and manga films, which today have a great position in the world of international cinema production. , Which many critics see as films for adults with a childish template, as the beginning was in 1917 with a silent two-minute samurai movie, and then it developed into narrative films that compensated for the weakness of Japanese cinematic works that were lacking in many, especially professional actors.

Competition glory

In 1991, “A Toy Story” was nominated as the first animated film to enter the Oscars race, and in 2010 the movie Beauty and the Beast was nominated after the animation competition had been interrupted for more than ten years. This year, the strongest nomination is for the animated film (Soul) that achieved revenue. High despite the decline in global cinema stocks.


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