Animated films, Guillermo Del Toro’s childhood dream

The director, whose adaptation of Pinocchio will be released on Netflix on December 9, has expressed its desire to adapt The Mountains of Madness At the movie theater.

He’s been thinking about it for decades. His Pinocchio , Guillermo Del Toro confesses to having imagined every curve, every color and the way in which he would put, in this story already adapted dozens of times in the cinema, a touch of the fantastic which makes it unique. While the little wooden puppet with candid eyes and a laughing voice is about to see the light of day on Netflix – the animated film will be available on the platform on December 9 -, its director, who has been passionate about animation since his debut , is already projecting itself into new adaptations.

At almost sixty years old, the director evokes the possibility of adapting The Mountains of Madness. The fantastic novel by HP Lovecraft almost saw the light of day in the cinema in 2011. Del Toro had proposed his project to the Universal studio, carried a Tom Cruise wishing to be the main character. But the project was too expensive for investors. The 100 million dollars budgeted, coupled with a probable ban on unaccompanied children under 17, have finished discouraging producers.

Now that he has signed with Netflix – and obtained $ 35 million from the platform to finance the production of his Pinocchio – the filmmaker sees things big. “It would be ideal to do The Mountains of Madness in stop-motion”he told Indiewire on November 30, referring to this method of animation that creates movement from stationary objects. “[L’animation]it’s almost a hypnotic act, and the relationship to the story is more intimate”he admits.

The filmmaker confesses to having always been passionate about the world of animation. In his early days, when he was still only a special effects make-up artist from Guadalajara, Mexico, the artist already had an unparalleled admiration for animation. “It’s a medium that has produced some of cinema’s most enduring landmarks”he advances, always Indiewire.

He perseveres, proves himself in the cinema and receives no less than four statuettes at the Oscars in 2017, for The Shape of Water. He is hired as a consultant at DreamWorks studios, where he collaborates on the films Kung Fu Panda and The Puss in Boots. Now employed by Netflix as writer, director and producer – for animations like Trollhunter or more personal projects, such as his Curiosity cabinet -, Del Toro hopes to launch his new adaptation project. Dedicated to Hollywood and strong in its Pinocchio, favorite for the Oscars, he has never been so close to the goal.


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