Animal welfare, hunting: what the 2022 presidential candidates say

Kurt Zouma, defender of the French football team and English club West Ham, caused a scandal on Tuesday February 8 after the broadcast of a video where we see him hitting his cat. These images revive the debate on the place of animals in society. An Ifop poll published on February 3 reveals that 69% of French people believe that the subject deserves to be addressed by presidential candidates.

► Emmanuel Macron’s “at the same time”

Not yet a candidate, Emmanuel Macron has, during his five-year term, been the friend of hunters while strengthening animal protection measures. The Head of State thus halved the price of the hunting license and reauthorized certain trapping techniques condemned by the Council of State. He also spoke out against the ban on bullfighting.

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But Emmanuel Macron also fought against abandonment, by setting up an awareness certificate for adopters, by prohibiting the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores from 2024. The almost candidate also announced the end of dolphinariums in 2026 and wild animals in traveling circuses in 2028.

► Valérie Pécresse, a pro-hunting animal friend

For candidate LR, the hunt is a freedom, a passion”, “an achievement of the Revolution” that she won’t leave “unravel”. Valérie Pécresse therefore spoke out against its ban on weekends. However, it advocates better coexistence between hunters and walkers in the most urban areas.

Attached to traditions, the right-wing candidate does not want to put an end to certain criticized breeding practices, such as the force-feeding of geese: “France is France, and foie gras is France. » Valérie Pécresse says to herself despite everything “ personally committed” in animal welfare and emphasizes that it has made Île-de-France a “animal friendly region”.

► Marine Le Pen for a section reserved for animals in the Civil Code

Marine Le Pen regularly showcases her passion for cats (she holds a professional breeder’s diploma). “Animals are not furniture: elected president, I would like the National Assembly to look into the implementation of a part reserved for animals in the civil code”she assures.

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Favorable to the prohibition of bullfighting for minors, the candidate of the National Rally, on the other hand, came out against the prohibition of hunting, even if she concedes “that personally there are things” who hit her.

► Éric Zemmour “indifferent to the animal cause”

Éric Zemmour does not make wildlife his battleground. “Real environmentalists are hunters”he said during his trip to Sologne at the end of January. “I don’t want anyone forbidding you to hunt. I refuse to allow anyone to attack the fishery. You have ancestral techniques that must be preserved and passed on. »

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A former journalist, Éric Zemmour has had the opportunity to speak about this several times. In 2014, on iTélé (now CNews), he declared: “I will make you scream. I do not hate animals but I am indifferent to the animal cause. »

► Yannick Jadot wants a ministry dedicated to the animal cause

The very first step that the Europe Écologie-Les Verts candidate will take if he is elected? “Prohibit factory farming and in particular cage farming”. Yannick Jadot also intends to put an end to experimentation on animals, ban bullfighting, strengthen criminal penalties in the event of abuse. He also wants to create a ministry dedicated to the animal cause.

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Finally, if the green candidate does not wish to prohibit hunting completely (only cruel hunts such as hunting with hounds or enclosures), he will prohibit it on Wednesdays, weekends and public holidays.

► Hélène Thouy, the animal above all

End of intensive farming, bullfights, cockfights, dolphinariums, creation of an independent administrative authority with the right to unannounced visits to farms and slaughterhouses, material and methodological transition so that experimental methods do not use animals… The Animalist Party candidate has made animal welfare the heart of her fight.

Hélène Thouy proposes the creation of a ministry of animal condition as well as a code of protection for animals. It also intends to create specialized prosecutor’s offices to prosecute offenses committed against them.


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