Anguished support for Afghan women

There are countries where a little girl’s dream is simply to be able to go to school.

There are countries where a young girl’s dream is to go to high school, to university, to become a doctor, journalist, lawyer, teacher, minister …

There are countries where these dreams for their daughters are in fact nightmares for mothers; in these countries, such dreams can turn into deadly poisons.

Afghanistan is one of those countries, where being a girl or a woman is in itself a danger.

Also, on the eve of March 8, International Women’s Day, let us have a special thought for the women, girls and girls of Afghanistan; a country martyred for so many years, torn and mistreated by international interests where its own have never been taken into consideration.

” Black hole “

Having become a kind of geopolitical “black hole” in this region of Central Asia, Afghanistan seems doomed never to emerge from a permanent state of war which condemns its people to live from day to day, in fear of it. terrorist attack, kidnapping, barbaric murder, not to mention the economic difficulties made even worse by the global health crisis.

If the mythical memories of the time of King Zaher Shah (who reigned from 1933 to 1973) when we saw young women in short skirts walking the streets of Kabul, have remained as a note of hope in some Afghan circles, it should not be forgotten that this displayed modernity only concerned a tiny minority of the urban population of the time, an extremely minority in the country. Afghanistan has always been a very traditionalist country, where rurality and religion have come together to keep women in a role of submission to male authority.

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When the Communists came to power (in 1978), openings had been seen towards the emancipation of women, but they were quickly closed because of the terrible civil wars which followed one another. First against this political power, then against the Soviet invasion (1980-1989), then between Afghan factions (until 1992) and which left millions of deaths, wounded and displaced. Women’s rights were no longer relevant!

The coming to power of the Taliban and the terror they imposed on the whole country (1996-2001) ended up destroying any hope for Afghan women to find a place in society, to have rights, including that of access to care.

Avenge the attacks of September 11

The shock to international opinion at the revelation of the fate of Afghan women by the Taliban had been resounding. But let’s not kid ourselves with illusions, the terror imposed on the Afghan people and in particular on women by these barbarians has never been an item of the grounds for intervention by the international coalition. The aim was only to avenge the attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington by Al-Qaida, a terrorist enterprise hosted in Afghanistan by the Taliban. The vengeful machinery then skated. From a “lesson” to the Taliban, it was then a question of building a rule of law with a constitution, a parliament, a president, local elected officials, judges, a government with an administration as bloated as in our countries. Westerners. In passing, it was decided to form an army, but keeping it under control in order, above all, to avoid any risk of a military coup.

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While some NGOs or international structures have mobilized to pave the way for the emancipation of women, on the one hand the situation was so devastated that it was necessary to measure time over several generations, on the other hand the persistence and then the resurgence of insecurity put an end to projects and progress.

Monstrous attacks

Today, the competition between the Taliban and Daesh in the targeted attacks against the living forces of Afghanistan and particularly against women, is becoming overwhelming. The monstrous attacks against a maternity hospital (May 13, 2020), a university (November 2, 2020), the assassinations of magistrates, journalists, democracy activists, attacks against women politicians, police officers, military women … have for aim to remove all obstacles for the return to power of these fanatics who hate women and consider them a social sub-category.

The question that arises, so far unanswered, is to know why the international community, starting with the Americans but also the UN or the European Union, has so much leniency towards these bloodthirsty barbarians. It seems certain, for these authorities, that the Taliban will return to power and no one wonders what the Afghan people and especially Afghan women think about it!

Also, failing to demand a popular referendum in this country in order to give the people a voice to decide on their future, we must assure all Afghan women of our unwavering support in their resistance to barbarism. We must let them know our admiration for their resistance and for their daily struggle to preserve the few rights they have acquired in recent years.


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