An urgent meeting to combat the spread of dogs in Al-Ahsa

With the recurrence of the tragedies of stray dogs attacking children, the latest of which was the predation of 10 stray dogs on a child until his death, the day before yesterday, and the harassment of walkers in public paths and squares and in agricultural sites, and in uninhabited sites, and harassment of cleaners, the head of the Al-Ahsa Municipal Council called , the imam and preacher of a mosque in Hofuf, Dr. Ahmed Al-Boali, officials in the Animal Welfare Society to an urgent meeting with the council and the Al-Ahsa Municipality, to contribute to finding solutions and more cooperation.

panic states

He said: Recently, stray dogs have spread clearly in some streets of Al-Ahsa and Al-Uqair, causing panic to the people, especially children, as they have become a source of inconvenience and fear. Because these animals carry disease-causing viruses, some of them are rabid, and attack children and adults, and infect them with serious diseases. He called on the executive body in the Al-Ahsa Municipality to intensify follow-up and eliminate the phenomenon quickly according to legal and legal data.

It’s hard to catch it

He added, with stopping the use of poisonous baits in the fight against stray dogs, combating them has become a necessity, while educating the community and educating them to take care of their families on sea, agricultural and wild trips, pointing out that in the past, campaigns from the Secretariat were running at the beginning of the spring and autumn seasons, which are times Reproduction, these accidents have disappeared, and now the matter is different, and catching them has become very difficult despite the presence of many traps, and stray dogs are increasing in neighborhoods and peripheral areas, which are frequented by stray dogs.


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