An investigation into the killing of a seal

British police said they are searching to reach the owner of the dog, who attacked a seal near the Thames River, causing great harm to the point of death, amid widespread sympathy from animal rights advocates.

The seal, who lived in the Thames River, was known as “Freddy”, and he was entertaining near “Hammer Smith” Bridge, west of London, when he was attacked by a fierce dog.

In February, the seal was attacked by a dog bitten on a Sunday, which resulted in very serious injuries, and later died.

The seal was taken to a veterinary hospital, and he underwent examinations, and he benefited from treatment to relieve the acute pain caused by the dog’s attack, but to no avail.

And veterinarians discovered that the seals were exposed to severe injuries that are difficult to treat, so they explained that the best thing for this animal is to end its life, in order to put an end to the pain.

The British Council of Marine Life Divers said that the seal suffered a broken fin, in addition to loose joints, so his chances of survival were very slim. Pictures of the seal were widely circulated on social media platforms, and sympathizers demanded that the dog’s owner be held accountable, because he did not take the initiative to prevent abuse and control the animal he keeps.

Those who condemn the incident urged a fine to be imposed on the owner of the dog, because he is responsible for causing harm to the seal animal, which was described as the beloved in the place.


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