An international report: The “Social Watch” platform is a pioneer in the Arab world in using technology for community awareness

Al-Issa: Our choice as a model by the United Nations is a global appreciation for our local and Arab role

The Arab Forum for Sustainable Development 2021 report, which is supervised by the ESCWA organization, referred to the Social Watch platform as an Arab model for employing technology in the field of community awareness by publishing an interactive analytical panel on its website ( that provides daily statistical updates of the developments of the new Corona virus in Kuwait.

The Social Watch platform was established in 2019 by Kuwaiti researchers, media advisor Ahmed Al-Issa and Dr. Salah Al-Najem, and aims to employ technology in matters of analyzing public opinion trends through the use of artificial intelligence, big data analysis, computer processing of language, text analysis and other modern techniques and presenting their results in a simplified manner to the public. And for those interested.

The Arab Forum for Sustainable Development 2021 report touched on the SocialWatch platform project, which is to prepare an interactive analytical panel available to the public on its website that interactively displays the rate of injuries, deaths and intensive care cases due to the Corona virus in Kuwait based on the daily data of the Ministry of Health, in addition to monitoring the most common hashtags in the country. Kuwait on social media during the pandemic period.

Iman Al-Roudhan

The founding partner of the platform, Ahmed Al-Issa, considered the Arab Forum for Sustainable Development 2021’s reference to the Social Watch platform as a global appreciation represented by a United Nations organization for the role the platform plays locally and in the Arab world by employing technology in the field of community awareness, especially as it is a platform that aims to spread technology awareness and the importance of opinion measurement. The year.

It is noteworthy that the Arab Forum for Sustainable Development is supervised by the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) of the United Nations Organization, and this year during its meeting last week, it discussed the issue of dealing with the Corona pandemic, and devoted a chapter related to Goal 17 of the goals of achieving sustainable development launched by the United Nations .

The chapter on establishing partnerships to achieve the goals reviewed strengthening the means of implementation and revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development: technology, the experiences of Arab countries in employing technology to confront the Corona pandemic, to the Arab leadership of the SocialWatcher platform, launched from Kuwait, in the field of community awareness.

The international report indicated that Social Watch is an open platform for community service that contributes to creating an enabling environment for the post-pandemic period, and similar panels were later established in several other Arab countries.

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