An interactive medical gathering that discusses the latest developments in chronic lung diseases

The Family Medicine Club at the International Medical Center organized the twelfth monthly forum for family physicians, in cooperation with the Saudi Glasgow Company Ltd., which was held virtually via the electronic platform for the Forum of Experts to organize exhibitions and conferences on November 24 under the umbrella of the Saudi Society for Family Medicine entitled (Chronic Diseases of the Lung), with the participation of elite of male and female doctors.

Ashraf Amir said that the meeting touched on the latest developments in chronic lung diseases, coinciding with the global month for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, with the aim of linking doctors and health personnel with the latest research in the field of lung treatment.

Amir confirmed that the meeting witnessed a distinguished presence of the followers through the interactive platform, as the doctors answered the questions of the observers at the end of the meeting, which included everything related to the “lung”.

Dr. Ashraf Amir, Dr. Badr bin Hamad, Dr. Sherine Al-Seyoufi, Dr. Hind Tahoun participated in the meeting, while the meeting was approved for a number of “two hours” of continuing medical education from the Commission for Health Specialties. At the end of the meeting, the participants advised the community members of the necessity of preserving the lungs, through exercising and following a healthy lifestyle, avoiding frequent colds because with time they lead to common colds and the matter could develop into a pulmonary embolism, abstaining from smoking, whether positive or negative or Conventionally or electronically from e-cigarettes. They emphasized that lung cancer was a rare disease in the early twentieth century, but its incidence gradually increased with the increase of smoking and it became the most common type of cancer in the world, as lung cancers represent 12.8% of cancer cases and 17.8% of deaths from cancer worldwide.

They concluded that lung cancer is a preventable disease, and factors that play a role in the development of cancer include tobacco products, industrial products (uranium, radiation, asbestos), air pollution and nutritional deficiencies. Recent studies have shown that a critical factor in increasing the risk of lung cancer is prolonged breathing in carcinogens.


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