An innovative event in Riyadh

During the past few days, the Saudi capital, Riyadh, witnessed a new and innovative event of its kind, where young Saudis took advantage of a warehouse in the north of the city to implement a “horror” event, and what distinguished it as it was born from the ideas of Saudis and was fully implemented through the arms of these young people, during which all standards of procedures were applied. Precautionary, in order to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

For horror fans

And from the start of its implementation, the event was directed at people of strong hearts and lovers of fear and fear, but the organizers confirmed that the event witnessed a turnout that exceeded their expectations from all spectrums of society in Riyadh. Badr bin Saedan, a partner in the implementation of the event, who works in the entertainment sector, explained that the beginning was by introducing a new idea for a distinguished event and they invented many new ideas and chose to “live it from your car” which depends on terror and fear through people wearing terrifying costumes roaming inside A dark storehouse terrifies visitors.

high demand

He stressed that the project was a challenge for them, and they won it with the great turnout that the event witnessed. Bin Saedan explained, “Saudi youth have many innovative, new and un-cloned ideas and ambitions that have no limits, in addition to the presence of support represented by the wise leadership that has harnessed all its capabilities to support the youth and achieve their goals, in addition to the ease with which the owners of distinguished ideas from the various competent authorities will find represented. In the Entertainment Authority and other bodies, where we found all the support from His Excellency Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh and all its employees, and the speedy completion of the permits necessary for the establishment of this event ».

Project support

Bin Saedan appealed to all Saudi youths to go to these bodies and present their ideas and proposals to implement the various projects they wish to establish.

He explained that they did not expect the high turnout of the event, especially as it is considered intended for fans of horror and excitement, but the attendance exceeded all expectations.


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