An indicator to measure jobs created in the private sector

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has embarked on attracting specialized expertise houses to design the “Index of Jobs Created in the Private Sector”, which is concerned with estimating and monitoring the number of jobs created within the initiatives of vision programs and major projects, which are owned by government agencies other than the Ministry of Human Resources, and according to the plan, a plan will be prepared Developing the operational work model necessary for managing the job creation indicator, implementing and calculating the initial operation of the indicator, providing the experts necessary to work on the project to achieve the required goals, and preparing a methodology and framework for program management in line with global project management practices.

plan to run

The implementation time plan and the detailed plan for operation will also be prepared, the tools used to calculate job opportunities from the programs and initiatives, the preparation of a mechanism for follow-up, evaluation and continuous evaluation of the program’s performance, and a study of the challenges that may face the process of implementing the initiative, to ward off expected risks and work on studying previous government experiences to ensure that the same mistakes are not repeated. Which led to not taking full advantage of the outputs of the previous work and providing the necessary expertise to review and evaluate all the outputs, and develop the necessary roadmap to activate the operational model.

Job creation methodology

The expertise houses are committed to training the cadres of the project owner, transferring knowledge, issuing initial reports, preparing and reviewing workshops with the ministry team, supporting program offices to calculate job opportunities data from initiatives, submitting reports to the Strategic Management Center on the job creation index, reviewing technical solutions, according to the approved methodology and providing recommendations for best practices. To achieve the project objective, review the ability to create appropriate jobs, raise proposals and recommendations to correct the course when needed, and review reports of indicators and quarterly and monthly targets submitted by the owners of the initiatives on a regular basis.

6 new settlement decisions

According to the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Eng. Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, 6 new ministerial decisions were recently issued to localize professions and activities aimed at providing more than 40,000 jobs, including professions of legal advice and law firms, customs clearance professions and activities, real estate professions and activities, professions in the cinema sector, professions Driving schools, and technical and engineering professions, as part of a map that aims to provide more than 203,000 jobs this year.

quality functions

Since the beginning of the year, the ministry has issued several settlement decisions, including the settlement of closed commercial complexes, the settlement of restaurants and cafes, the settlement of central supply markets, and the settlement of educational professions in public and private education. Quality in important and vital sectors, namely dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, and accounting, and includes targeted qualitative jobs, leadership and supervisory jobs, sustainable jobs with growth and development, and jobs that require high-level technical skills.

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