An exhibition in Lille dedicated to the comic strength of Belmondo

At the Rihour Palace in the northern capital, until October 10, the CinéComédies festival pays tribute to the great actor by presenting Cascade comedies.

Belmondo is Léon Morin, priest, The Doulos, Pierrot le fou, the herald of avant-garde films of the new wave. But he is also for many the laughing hero, brawler, joker of The Incorrigible, of Animal, of Ace of aces, of Gorgeous and Morfalous which for more than twenty years has distracted spectators and made the French box office dizzy. Only a few days after his death, the CinéComédies festival, which takes place in Lille at the Palais Rihour until October 10, returns to the vis comica of the eternal Bébel by devoting an exhibition entitled Belmondo, Cascading Comedies.

Troublemaker of the Conservatory, Jean-Paul Belmondo has always dreamed of becoming a clown. After playing Feydeau, Courteline and Molière at the theater in his younger years, the actor after the success of Rio man in 1964 will specialize in roles of Superman, – “without being aware of itAs his friend Jean Rochefort said – where laughter and puns accompanied scenes of breathtaking stunts.

The Lille exhibition therefore unearthed memories of filming or news linked to Belmondo’s gesture. His admirers will be able to discover at the Rihour de Lille palm tree, unpublished photos of Bébel with the brilliant Bourvil with whom he shared the top of the poster of the Brain by Gérard Oury but also accessories and other treasures preserved from the mythical Gorgeous by Philippe de Broca, in which Bob Saint-Clar tried, for a time in vain, to seduce Tatiana-Christine alias the sublime English superstar Jacqueline Bisset.

Belmondo – Cascading Comedies, the first cinematographic tribute dedicated to Bébel therefore follows a sort of initiatory course in the art of popular French comedy, which began with Philippe de Broca and which continued under the direction of the other masters of the genre, Gérard Oury and Georges Lautner.

We can see in particular the aviator glasses worn by the actor in Ace of aces, the wig and the hat he wore in Hold-up»Or his swimsuit in Tender thug, next to the false nose of Cyrano de Bergerac, but also of the scenario of the film “Les Morfalous”.

“It is a monument of French cinema, its good humor, its simplicity, its peach, will be missed”, testifies moved Catherine Denis, 60 years old, leaving the exhibition.

Yann Merlevede, 45, came “To pay homage” To “Bébel”. “It’s a way of saying ‘ciao the artist’ to him, Belmondo is all my childhood, you would have thought he was immortal … everyone would see his films, he said. The English have James Bond and we had this leaping character. “

The Incorrigible by Philippe de Broca in 1975, dialogue by Michel Audiard, with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Geneviève Bujold, Charles Gérard, Julien Guiomar …


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