An exclusive partnership between “Zain” and “”

Zain Telecom Company has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with, which specializes in e-commerce in cosmetic products, accessories and perfumes, to provide a set of exclusive offers to its prepaid and postpaid customers, and reward them with free internet capacity when they buy through (

The company stated in a statement that its exclusive cooperation with Kuwaiti “” comes under the umbrella of its strategy to enhance its digital partnerships, with the aim of expanding the package of innovative services and solutions it provides to its customers, and providing exclusive offers and the most unique rewards for them.

She stressed that it is always keen to provide a renewed list of services and unique offers, to meet the needs and aspirations of its largest customer base in the Kuwaiti market.

Zain indicated that prepaid and postpaid customers can now enjoy a range of special and exclusive offers and discounts when they visit the special link (, in addition to the wonderful rewards represented by free internet capacity when they take advantage of any of the included offers. .

The customer gets 2 gigabyte internet for free when buying it for 25 dinars, and 5 gigabyte internet for free when bought for 50 dinars, provided that the free capacity is valid for a full month from the date of activation.

For its part, “” confirmed that the signing of the exclusive partnership between it and “Zain” comes within the framework of their keenness to cooperate and give customers a range of special and exclusive offers and discounts.

She stated that this agreement would provide added value to shoppers through its website and its smart phone platforms, and provide low prices and exceptional offers on a large variety of perfumes, gifts, cosmetics and luxury watches.

The company added that the “” application via smartphones has now included a wide range of international brands products, at the best prices and according to the highest safety standards in the field of e-commerce, indicating that customers from inside and outside Kuwait are constantly and rapidly increasing.

Latest services Through its contract for such digital partnerships, Zain seeks to support and meet the various aspirations and needs of its customers, by offering the latest services and innovative technologies, and is keen to provide the latest and latest solutions and services to improve the customer experience, and works to improve and raise the response to their expectations and aspirations, so that they can enjoy a communication experience Distinctive and unique on its network.

The company stressed that it is always looking forward to new stages of exclusivity and distinction with its customers, in all the services and products it provides, and made it clear that, through this partnership, it has established its constant endeavor to keep pace with the aspirations of its customers with their various interests and age groups, stressing that it will always fulfill its promises to provide the best services and the latest Techniques.

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