An environmental score on food products? 86% of French people are in favor of it

For 86% of French people, an environmental score for food products would be ” essential “indicates this Thursday, January 12, a BVA study commissioned by the En Vérité collective, while the government has begun consultation with the various players in the sector to propose environmental labeling by the end of 2023, within the framework of the Climate law.

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The Climate and Resilience Law of August 2021 provided for mandatory environmental labeling on certain types of products, following an experimental phase of a maximum of five years.

The sequel after the ad

To a representative sample of the French population of 1,000 people, the BVA polling institute offered various products, first without environmental labeling, then with a “Planet-Score” in order to measure its relevance.

“Understanding and facilitating the choice”

The Planet-Score, developed by the Institute of Organic Agriculture and Food (ITAB), a public utility association supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, assigns a grade between A and E to the product, in particular in depending on the impact on biodiversity, the climate and the use of pesticides. It has been tested since the end of 2021 and 187 food companies are experimenting with it today, can we read on its site.

Eating better while really respecting the planet: here are the solutions

Asked about the “concrete commitments expected” of brands on environmental issues, 42% of consumers answered the non-use of pesticides, 42% also a respectful farming method, 32% the preservation of the climate, 30% the preservation of biodiversity and 27% preservation of resources, according to the BVA study.

The Planet-Score is “conclusive” for Régis Olagne of BVA: “easy to use, easy to understand and easy to choose”, consumers redirecting their choices when this indicator is present, notes the analyst. The En Vérité collective brings together more than 60 food brands including Yoplait, Candia, Entremont.

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