An Australian frees himself from the jaws of a crocodile

A forty-four-year-old Australian man managed to free himself from the jaws of a ferocious animal in Lake Placid, according to rescue authorities in Australia.

The authorities explained that the man was swimming in a park near the tourist city of Cairns in Queensland province, when he closed the crocodile on his head.

Australian media reports described the crocodile as a giant, and its length reached two meters.

“(The man) suddenly felt something grabbed at the top of his head, and he knew it was a crocodile,” said Paul Sweeney, who works for the Queensland rescue service, according to what AFP reported.

Sweeney added that the man, whose name or identity was not mentioned, “put his hands in the crocodile’s jaw to release his head, and when he did so, the crocodile closed his jaw on his left forefinger.”

Rescue Sweeney indicated that the man then had to swim a long distance to reach the shore, fearing that the crocodile would catch him and catch him again.

When the rescuers arrived, the man was sitting “in surprising calm,” noting that he was suffering from head, face, shoulder and hand injuries. He was taken to a hospital in Cairns and “is expected to recover quickly.”

Sweeney said that the man “was very lucky … he was fortunate to have a minor injury.”

The rescuer commented jokingly, “He is a very strong person … He said that he will return to swimming soon … There is no doubt that he is more brave than me.”


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