An auction of Soviet spy accessories

From spy cameras hidden in cigarette packs to microphones hidden inside pens … some accessories used by the KGB during the Cold War are auctioned on February 13 in Beverly Hills, resembling the world of James Bond movies.

The auction organized by “Julian’s Auctions” shows the passion of Soviet spies for miniature cameras during the Cold War, as they were hidden in everything that could come to mind in terms of clothing or items, from elegant women’s handbags to belt clips, to bird cages and even neckties.

Also among the classics in the work kit of KGB spies, the microphones that were hidden in a variety of pieces from ashtrays to pens to porcelain dishes.

Also among the outstanding items is a copy of a poison-tip parachute that was used to kill the dissident Bulgarian writer Gregory Markov in London in 1978. The value of this famous “Bulgarian umbrella” is estimated at a price ranging between three thousand and five thousand dollars.

Also, one of the famous pieces is a fake tooth containing cyanide poison, and the auction house that organized the event explained that “this tooth is designed to break when we bite it in some way, in a way that enables the captured clients to end their lives when necessary to avoid being subjected to torture and revealing dangerous information.” A tooth is being sold at auction at an estimated price of $ 800 to $ 1,200.


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