An art documenting the creativity of talented people

The art exhibition “Art” 2022, which is held in Jizan, reviewed the talents and creativity of the sons and daughters of the region through a wide range of diverse arts under one roof, which included: plastic art, photography, sculpture and calligraphy, in addition to art workshops and free ceremonies for adults and children. And the accompanying critical dialogues between senior art connoisseurs, attracting many visitors and trekkers, who were provided with various equipment and services, including translation for non-Arabic speakers, in a gesture to introduce Saudi culture and arts.

89 artists

89 male and female artists from the region formed paintings of beauty by participating in their most prominent works in “Funn”, which contained a wide range of different arts and multiple art schools, in addition to the various materials that contributed to its birth, presenting works of art that speak for themselves, with the beauty it contained. Uniqueness and creativity.

different schools

The plastic art department included many artworks that varied in the schools that I followed, which included: realistic art, cubism, and surrealism, in addition to the abstract school, pouring, impact style, and “pop art”, expressing many of the life topics represented by Art, as she told On the misery and woes of wars, the silent nature, and social and domestic life with its various details. It also expressed women and their various roles, Jazan culture with its diverse environments and different heritage, in addition to the departure of some of these works from the ordinary into the world of artistic imagination.

biggest artist

The exhibition “Funn” contributed to highlighting the talent of plastic drawing enjoyed by Uncle Abdulaziz Aqeel, who is 72 years old, by reviewing his most prominent artworks that for decades he had hidden from view in his home in the center of the country, where the organizing committee of the festival was able to discover His talents during his participation in painting on houses in a number of neighborhoods of the city, after which he was invited to participate in the exhibition as the largest participating artist.

1000 clips

The painting of 1000 clips attracted the admiration of many visitors, unique to many workers by drawing the image of the Crown Prince through a thousand paper clips, each clip bearing a phrase that tells about the great roles of the Crown Prince in the renaissance of the homeland, in addition to a number of famous phrases he said, and took Work on it 160 hours, which prompted the deputy governor of Jazan region to acquire it.

merging and singling out

One of the participating artists combined plastic painting and sculpture on glass, wood and Arabic calligraphy, to create a unique work by carving the image of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his trusted Crown Prince on the glass, and then forming a drawing of the Arabian Peninsula through the phrase “Under the banner of my master, listen and obey,” which was written in Kufic calligraphy. .

Definition and translation

The artworks displayed contained identification cards in Arabic and English, which included the artist’s name, work and type, and the material used in its implementation, in addition to providing a translation service for non-Arabic speakers for “Funn” visitors of various non-Arab nationalities, with the aim of introducing Saudi arts and culture, through a team Volunteer from the students of Jazan University.


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