An agreement with MSC Cruises to bring its ships to the Kingdom’s coasts

Saudi Cruise, a company owned by the Public Investment Fund, signed a joint agreement with MSC Cruise to launch its trips in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf during the winter season of the current year 2021. The announcement came during a meeting with the managing director of Cruz. Saudi Fawaz Farooqi, and MSC Cruz’s CEO, Pervrancesco Fago, are in Riyadh to sign the framework agreement that marks the start of the new partnership.

Excursions in the Red Sea

Under this agreement, the MSC Magnifica will sail in the Red Sea from Jeddah on several voyages of seven days each, starting from November 13 to March 26, and through these voyages, the ship’s passengers will be able to visit a selection of ports. And the leading tourist destinations on the coasts of the Red Sea, including a weekly stop at Al Wajh Port, through which they can reach Al-Ula, which is rich in its history and nature, and which has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Formula 1 racing

The city of Jeddah is preparing for the first Formula 1 race hosted by the Kingdom on December 5. These trips will provide an opportunity for some passengers of the ship «MSC Magnifica» to enjoy this global sporting event, coinciding with their distinguished trips on board the ship. Virtuza »Dammam on a weekly basis from December 2 to March 24, as part of its winter program in the Arabian Gulf, which will allow its passengers to visit the Al-Ahsa Oasis, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, in addition to many exciting destinations and attractions in the region.

Farooqi stressed keenness to establish a long-term partnership through which we look forward to increasing the number of ships coming to the Kingdom in the future, as the Kingdom has a lot to offer to its visitors, and the new cooperation will open doors for travelers from all over the world, to be among the first to have the opportunity to explore the rich Saudi heritage and generosity The authentic hospitality of the people of this country. He aspires for these trips to contribute to diversifying the Kingdom’s overall economy, increasing the domestic product, in addition to providing opportunities for the prosperity of local communities around the ports visited by cruise ships by providing job and commercial opportunities related to port business and tourism and entertainment activities in the selected destinations. 2035 to create 50 thousand direct and indirect job opportunities through the newly created cruise sector.

Farooqi stressed that the company places public health at the top of its priorities, as it will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of passengers, local communities and service providers alike, by applying the highest health standards within an integrated system in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

170 thousand guests

For his part, Fago expressed his happiness that MSC Cruise is one of the companies that contribute to providing the opportunity to explore the Kingdom for international visitors from around the world, by placing it on the global cruise map and making it a major tourist destination, and we look forward to providing tourist experiences. New to tourists from within the Kingdom and all over the world, enabling them to discover the beauty of the previously untouched islands, the picturesque beaches along the coasts of the Kingdom, in addition to the historical and heritage sites scattered in many Saudi tourist destinations.

The two companies are looking forward, through their trips aboard the two giant ships, to host 170,000 guests during the coming winter season, as the new trips will provide the Kingdom’s residents and residents on its territory a unique option for travel and entertainment, and a unique way to explore the coasts and cities of the Kingdom, in addition to experiencing what MS ships offer them. Si of immersive tourist experiences.

It is noteworthy that international guests will be able to reach Jeddah via direct international flights from the most important European cities, through unparalleled cooperation with Saudi Airlines.

November 13 – March 24

Flights departing from Jeddah, each for 7 days

December 2 – March 24

Weekly flights from Dammam

December 5th

Enabling some riders to attend the Formula 1 race in Jeddah


170,000 guests this upcoming winter season


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