An agreement to provide data solutions that contribute to the classification of contractors and providers of digital government services

The Digital Government Authority and Masdar Data Solutions have signed an agreement to provide data solutions that contribute to achieving the authority’s objectives in the work of technical classification of ICT contractors and digital government service providers according to the type of service and activity provided in the ICT sector to government agencies.

The agreement will contribute to providing reliable solutions for the development and operation of technical standards and policies for the technical classification of services and activities provided by contractors and their alignment with the efficiency and capacity of the facility. Knowing and identifying development and investment opportunities in supply chains and raising the percentage of localization and technical local content.

The agreement was signed by the Digital Government Authority, Deputy Governor for Investment and Government Excellence, Dr. Abdullah Al-Fifi, and by Masdar, CEO of the company, Ibrahim Al-Shaya.

The Digital Government Authority undertakes the special functions and tasks in coordination with the competent authorities to work on regulating the work of the digital government in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers, issued approving the organization of the Digital Government Authority.

The Digital Government Authority is the competent authority for everything related to the digital government and the national reference in its affairs. It aims to organize the work of digital government in government agencies, in order to reach a proactive and proactive digital government capable of providing highly efficient digital services, and achieving integration in the field of digital government among all government agencies.


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