An agreement to develop doctors and services

The Union of Arab Doctors signed a partnership and cooperation agreement with the Forum of Experiences to organize exhibitions and conferences. The agreement stipulated that the Forum of Experiences would be the official institution for organizing all medical conferences and educational and health forums of the Union in all Arab countries. Raslan, and General Manager of the Forum of Experiences, Hassan Al-Bahkali.

The Director General of the Experiences Forum stressed that the importance of this agreement lies in its focus on the developmental and professional aspects of all doctors in the Arab countries through holding Arab and international medical conferences and forums under the umbrella of the Union, which in turn will contribute to improving the professional and scientific level of the Arab doctor in various medical specialties, in addition to Developing the level of health and medical services in all medical facilities and facilities in the Kingdom and Arab countries, and Al-Bahkali indicated that the Federation and the Forum have agreed to organize an annual international medical conference held every year in one of the Arab capitals to activate the Union’s role in serving Arab doctors and Arab medical services.


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