America: A state requests the abolition of the right to abortion for raped women

The state of Mississippi has asked the US Supreme Court to overturn the federal right to abortion in the United States, in a court filing filed Thursday.

In May, the Supreme Court agreed to consider a law under which Mississippi would ban most abortions from the 15th week of pregnancy, even in cases of rape or incest.

In the context of this judicial path, which will be considered by the highest judicial authority in the country in the fall, and to issue a decision in this regard in mid-2022, Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch considered that the decrees violating the right to abortion were a “fatal mistake.”

Fitch called for the “repeal of the Roe and Casey decisions” issued in 1973 and 1992, respectively, as “consideration of abortion as a constitutional right is groundless.”

In most cases, the Supreme Court refuses to hear appeals against its Roe v. Wade decision, in which it recognized in 1973 that abortion is a constitutional right, explaining later that women can abort a fetus as long as it is “not viable,” that is, until approximately the twenty-second week of pregnancy. .

However, she accepted that Mississippi law had been suspended in the Court of First Instance and then in the Court of Appeals, leading to the suspicion that she might amend her earlier decisions.

The rudder in the Supreme Court is tilting to the conservative side, after three judges were appointed during the Trump era, and only 3 of the 9 conservative justices remained in it.

Experts do not rule out that the country’s highest judicial authority would limit the scope of the “Roe v. Wade” decision, granting broader powers to states to ban abortion, which would exacerbate the differences in the country.


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