AMD announces the latest processors

(AMD) decided to open the new year by announcing its new range of processors developed to compete with Qualcomm and Intel.

Among the most prominent new processors of the company came the (Ryzen 6000) series, which was developed with 6 nm technology to provide excellent performance for computers and mobile devices.

According to the experts at (AMD), the new processors are designed to provide faster performance than the (Ryzen 5000) processors, and they also got integrated graphics processors (RDNA2) that provide excellent performance in previewing images and videos, in addition to the technology that was made in them helps reduce The power consumption of the devices greatly.

The new set of chipsets included the Radeon RX (6000S) graphics processors, which experts at (AMD) said will provide about 20% better performance, compared to those that their company introduced last year, as well as being able to deal with videos very excellently.

Many technology experts believe that (AMD) tried through its new generation of chipsets to make processors that will be suitable for small and lightweight portable devices, which may become the basis for mobile devices in the future.


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