Amazon acquires iRobot for $1.7 billion to boost its artificial intelligence

Amazon has acquired iRobot, the maker of robotic Roomba vacuum cleaners, in a $1.7 billion deal, in a merger that will advance the company’s ambitions for artificial intelligence and smart home appliances.

In a statement, Amazon indicated that the US-based iRobot is a global company that manufactures robots and modern smart home appliances, and launched a self-operating Roomba vacuum cleaner 10 years ago.

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Dave Limp, Senior Vice President of Devices at Amazon, said: “The iRobot team has proven over several years its efficiency in providing a new way for people to clean their homes with very practical and innovative products.”

This comes at a time when the acquisition deal is supposed to obtain the approval of the company’s share holders and official regulators.

Amazon will pay $61 per share for iRobot, in addition to covering the company’s debts.

Colin Engel will remain CEO of iRobot after it is acquired by Amazon.

The acquisition reinforces Amazon’s interest and market position in robotics and electronic home devices, and highlights the value of the AI ​​strategy, analyst Colin Sebastian of Baird said in a note to investors.

He explained that the Massachusetts-based company has recorded achievements over 30 years in the field of manufacturing robots and creating basic programs such as planning and navigation programs.

Amazon is investing in smart home gadgets and those based on automation through its acquisition of several companies, including Ring, the manufacturer of home bells, and Kiva, which specializes in robots used in warehouses, in addition to the company “Zox” that develops self-driving vehicles. .

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