Amanda and Sébastien, an unexpected alchemy

Metz (Moselle)

From our regional correspondent

She is frank, outgoing, dynamic, go-getter – sometimes too much -, optimistic, literary, fond of painting, writing and singing. He is Cartesian, likes numbers and precise things, tends to often see the glass half empty or to hesitate before launching, is reserved, calm and thoughtful, and loves the cinema. When they met seven years ago, Amanda de Zorzi, 35, and Sébastien Klein, 45, apparently had nothing in common. “We have to admit it: we are completely the opposite of each other, with few tastes in common, and rarely agree at first when we have decisions to make. Besides, at the time, he dressed like a grandpa, and I looked like 15 years old “, says Amanda, who remembers her pleated pants even on weekends.

Both administrative officers at the hospital, in the east of the Moselle, but not in the same department, they might never have spoken if they had not been at the same table in the canteen, with common colleagues. He spots her beautiful eyes, and he hears her talking about his dream in life: to start a family, to buy a house. It does tilt. “She said everything I wanted too”, he remembers. Amanda certainly found pretty eyes on him too, but what was her surprise when she received a very explicit email shortly after. “I found that weird, even scary. But I was also touched: he was damn brave to have dared! “, she confides. Seeing him so in love with her, she made the bet to go beyond appearances and move forward step by step: “It was a rough diamond, which had never been cut. I discovered his beautiful soul. It’s rare, a man like him, so nice.

Apart from her dress style, she will not change it, but they will gradually learn to compose. “I put water in my wine. He tempers me. But I also know when I can ignore his reservations. I take him on board, he follows, and finally he recognizes that it was not that complicated ”, says Amanda, who converted him to foreign travel and trained him as a volunteer at the same music festival. “It was not a given, and we are still very different, but we always manage to see things differently, to finally agree. Most of all, we just love to be with each other “, comments Sébastien.

Mutual admiration and support, common values, the desire to compromise, soothing co-presence… their love is this unpredictable alchemy. And their 2 year old son, the most precious alloy.


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